Concrete Tables

Concrete Mini Bar

Concrete BBQs

Our goal is to create beautiful pieces of furniture that are durable and give you a sense of timeless elegance.

My brother and I bring an energy that is both creative and sensible. Polished concrete, steel and wood are just a few of the materials that we use to create one-of-a-kind pieces of art.

Polished concrete has the versatility to achieve a wide range of design aspect, from bold contrasts and subtle transitions to a natural or even quirky look and feel. By using different colored stains, dyes and aggregates we are able to match any design scheme; the only limitation is your imagination.

By listening to you, our customers, we are able to design furniture pieces that match your decor, reflect your personality and satisfy your desire.

We currently have a variety of options to choose from: starting with a concrete coffee table, end table or mini bar, to a unique wine-barrel table or outdoor BBQ Island. All of our pieces feature an irreplaceable polished concrete top that you can help us design.

Let us sit down with you today and design an indoor or outdoor centerpiece of beauty that everyone will appreciate and admire.